Whatever your age, race, occupation or party affiliation, you deserve to make a change for yourself and future generations of women. Join the ranks of informed, energetic women of all backgrounds ready to explore advocacy, run for office and seek appointment at all levels of government. Together, we can change the face of government for Kentucky women who deserve equal opportunity.

Join Us. Choose your membership level by clicking below. Or, contact Membership Chair, Virginia Woodward to learn more about the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus.


By joining the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus , you will:

    • discuss issues impacting women and learn how to help
    • develop personal and professional networks with women and men who share your views
    • endorse and elect candidates who support equal pay, better child care, improved access to health care, reproductive rights, teen pregnancy prevention and
    • affordable housing
    • advocate in a strong, united voice at all levels of government
    • serve as an adviser on civic issues
    • increase the number of women elected and appointed
    • gain skills and experience needed to attain elected and appointed leadership roles
    • mobilize, educate and encourage other voters

Why Become a Member?

These 2017 Board members offer their thoughts on Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus membership…

Past-President Sherry Sinegra Conner
“I’ve been mayor of the City of Shively going into my 10th year. It’s a very rewarding job and I’ve received lots of backing from the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus throughout the years. It’s meant a lot to me to be able to look to these women for their encouragement and support”

Treasurer Bobbi Jo Weber

Bobbi Jo Weber shares a 39 year marriage with her husband, Bill, has three grown children, and 3 grandchildren with a fourth on the way! She is a partner at Wessel Insurance Agency, a family owned company that has operated in the same location for over 50 years.

I am a proud and participating member of the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus for a simple reason: I am a female, and I have females, namely, a mother, aunts, sisters, nieces and granddaughters who are very important to me. The Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus is the only local, active, progressive women’s group that openly supports a woman’s right to “CHOICE”. In fact, CHOICE is the number one criteria that must be met to receive a Caucus endorsement.

Membership Chair Virginia Woodward

Virginia, a graduate of the University of Louisville, is a licensed dental hygienist. She served as the national president of ADHA and has traveled extensively internationally related to access to health care. Former executive director for the Kentucky Commission on Women, the Governor’s Office for Board and Commissions, Virginia has worked on issues concerning women’s health and gender equality. She is the current executive director for the Board of Claims/ Crimes Victims Compensation Board and Sexual Assault Examination Program.

I am a member of the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus  because of its long standing commitment to leveling the political arena for progressive women and men. Having run for office I believe Hillary Clinton said it best: “There cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard.”